Parker Tracking System

Dynamic Fluid Products is a proud user of the new Parker Tracking System (PTS). This innovative new system uses adhesive barcodes to track Parker hoses and components. A quick scan of the barcode using the PTS app on your iPhone or Android device will provide details about the product to allow for simple, efficient, and accurate reordering which reduces transaction time and helps to maximize uptime. At DFP we can help you to use PTS so that any maintenance or manufacturing operation can be streamlined and brought into the 21st century.

Robust reporting tools can provide data for engineering, and quality control to analyze for a better understanding of a components performance. Customized reports can be exported for further analysis. 

Operational Efficiency 
OEMs can use custom data fields to produce labels with assembly instructions to help ensure correct components get delivered to the appropriate manufacturing cell or machine. This custom label data can also be used to provide customers with a spare parts list when necessary. Within an OEM operation, barcodes representing PTS IDs and customer part numbers speed data entry. Date marking on each label verifies the manufacture date by providing key information for warranty, inspection or maintenance purposes. 

As products are used in a wide variety of challenging environments and conditions, the durability of the tagging media helps to ensure the future readability of the PTS code when it’s needed most – at the time of failure. 

See the following catalogue for more information on the Parker Tracking System or give us a call on our toll free number.