Industrial Magnetics Inc. (IMI)

Do you require a solution for workholding, lifting, fixturing, conveying or magnetic separation?  Dynamic Fluid Products Inc. (DFP) is an authorized manufacturer’s rep. for Industrial Magnetics Inc. (IMI).  IMI’s expertise in custom engineered magnetic solutions (permanent and electromagnetic) coupled with their standard product offering is a perfect compliment to DFP’s Fluid Power expertise.

IMI’s three core product groups (Automation, Mag-Mate and Tramp Metal) offer the following products / solutions:


End of Arm Tooling (EOAT):  Transporter Magnets (TPLP, TPCA, MagVac, Permatrol)
Lift Systems:  Sheet lifters, Tube Lifters, Palletizers, Vacuum Lifts, Steel Billet Lifters
Electromagnet & Power Supplies
Magnetizers / Demagnetizers:  Surface Type, Loop Type
Sheet Fanners:  Permanent, Electromagnetic, Pinfanners, Sheet Seekers, Cylinder, Air Knife, Air Spring
Conveying:  Can Conveying, Low-Profile, Transfer
Magnetic Conveying:  Magnetic Rail, Electromagnetic Rail, Permo-Electric Hybrid Rail


Mag-Mate offers hundreds of off-the-shelf assemblies for a variety of industry needs.  Available with ceramic, rare-earth and electromagnetic magnets.

Lifting, Moving & Transferring
Manhole & Septic Cover Lift Systems:  Manhole Cover Lift Dolly, PowerArm, Valve Box Lifter
Retrieving Magnets & Pocket Tools:  Magnets, Mirrors, Long Reach Retrievers
Holding Magnets & Shop Tools:  Print Holders, Tool Holders
Magnetic Welding Squares, Grounds & Angles
Cutting Table Tools:  PowerGrips, TriggerLifts
Magnets for Capturing Metal in Liquids:  Dip Tank Magnets, Coolant Filters
Magnetic Sweepers:  Self-Cleaning Sweeper, Shop Sweeper, Floor Sweeper
Raw Magnet Material

Tramp Metal:

IMI specializes in removal of ferrous metal contaminants from liquid or dry product streams.  Products / solutions include:

Gravity Feed (Magnet IN of Product Stream):  Magnetic Grates, Drawer-in-Housings, Large Tube Housings
Gravity Feed (Magnet OUT of Product Stream):  Plate, Extractor, Hump
Pneumatic Line Magnets:  Bullet, Pneumatic Line Housing, Exposed Pole
Conveyor:  Suspended Permanent Overhead, Magnetic Separation, Drum
Liquid:  Plate & Tube Style
Plastics Processing:  Magnetic Grates, Drawer-in-Housing, Granular

See the following catalogues for more information on the Industrial Magnetics (IMI) product line or call our toll free number.